April 2014


Russian countryside

We were happy to leave Pikalevo after a good rest. Sun was covered by clouds, but it was still warmer than earlier. Landscapes were changing between ice covered lakes, leafless trees and burned fields. There wasn’t traffic as much as we were used to see. We only saw a few small muddy trails before Sazonovo […]

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Unbelieavable hospitality

So, we left the hostel in Saint Petersburg early in the morning towards Mga. We tried to ask about our visa registration, but the answer we got was: ”No, not now.” Ok, we carried our bicycles and gear eight floors down and we were tired before the day had even started. Getting out of Saint […]

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See you Finland

The last week at home was busy. Although we had been planned the trip for a long time, there wasn’t enough time to pack my bike before last evening and morning. Fortunately, I didn’t had to start packing completely from scratch. We said goodbye to our loved ones and started the journey. We hoped to […]

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