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It’s been a while

Alright I try to tell you whats happened with me here in Australia and do some warm up with the writing, because my adventure soon continues. So, I flew from Singapore to Gold Coast, Australia after cycling across Eurasian continent. I have to admit that I was pretty tired and just wanted to find job, […]

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Stuart Highway, part 2

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote here. A lot has happened so it’s a high time to write things down before I forget them. I’m writing from Brisbane, Australia where I have been living at the share house and working at the warehouse for three months now. At weekends I have […]

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Stuart Highway, part 1

My flight from Singapore to Darwin landed 5:10AM. I dragged the bike box and panniers out from the airport and started to put together my bike. It was still dark, but the weather was already hot and humid. About 200 nights I stayed in my tent last year was enough to break my tent poles […]

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