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Close to China

So we had had about seven week ”holiday” in Bishkek and after that the departure felt weird. We said goodbyes to the nice cleaning maid, who had become so familiar with us that she used to ask our help with maintaining the hotel condition, we ate meal at cheap cafe and started pedaling out of […]

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Watermelons and sunshine

The sun was shining in the sky of modern capital Astana. We cycled through the center to the edge of the city. The city ended as quickly as it had started. There were no more green fields of Northern Kazakhstan. Fields became dryer the further south we went. Trees disappeared while the road changed more […]

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Kazakhstan feeling

Kazakhstan visas in our passports and passports in our backpockets we started cycling toward Kazakhstan, which was about 115 kilometers away. We decided to cycle there in one day because there was only two days in our Russian visas and we heard that one who doesn’t follow these schedules will be punished. Wind was again […]

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