The last week at home was busy. Although we had been planned the trip for a long time, there wasn’t enough time to pack my bike before last evening and morning. Fortunately, I didn’t had to start packing completely from scratch.

We said goodbye to our loved ones and started the journey. We hoped to see the hometown next time on the last day of our trip. After 80 kilometers of cycling, we found empty sauna building next to the desolate house. The neighbor told us we could stay the night there. We heat up the sauna and had a bath. A great end for the first day!

We chose quiet, long and hilly road. In the evening we weren’t as lucky as on the first day to find warm place to sleep. After campfire dinner, we slept for a while at the gas station, close to the border of Russia.

It wasn’t perfect place for resting, so 3am we decided to continue. There were not many other people crossing the border with us. Night turned to morning and temperature dropped to -3C. Our Tierra Rockette Hood Jackets combined with sweaters kept us warm and dry. After having a cup of tea at the bus stop we headed to Vyborg. Ramshackle houses, old Lada cars made us feel we went back in time. People were friendly, but they didn’t smile back for us. It was still afternoon when we started to sleep in hostel.


Next day we left Vyborg behind. Our route followed the coast of Gulf of Finland. Road was good for cycling. Wide shoulder made it easy to give way for couple of trucks. In two hours we arrived to Ermilovo village, near Primorsk. Old granny showed the way to small local guesthouse. We had perfect timing, because at the same time it began snowing heavily.

Bumpy cycling path started after Zelenogorsk and peaceful road got busier. Forests and little villages changed into more urban landscape. Our bike computers showed 114 kilometers when we stopped to hotel in St. Petersburg’s suburb.

Rest of the way into the center of St. Petersburg was chaos. We had to carry our bicycles over the obstacles a number of times. We didn’t see any other cyclist in the center of the city. Finally we arrived to hostel to have a day off. Next we go to the east, towards Vologda.

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