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See you Finland

The last week at home was busy. Although we had been planned the trip for a long time, there wasn’t enough time to pack my bike before last evening and morning. Fortunately, I didn’t had to start packing completely from scratch. We said goodbye to our loved ones and started the journey. We hoped to […]

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We got the bikes, we got the gear

Only last gear to panniers, panniers to bike and time to go test it all! So, we got our bikes at the end of last week from our sponsor Pelago. For me I chose Airisto and for Antti it’s Stavanger. Both are 2014 models. There has been some modification for the them. For example they attached […]

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The wait is over

The long wait is soon over. Me and my friend Lauri will begin a cycling journey around the world. I have been dreaming about traveling around the world for many years. One day I figured out, it would be possible to do such a trip by bicycle. Exploring the world on a bike is rewarding, […]

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