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Kazakhstan feeling

Kazakhstan visas in our passports and passports in our backpockets we started cycling toward Kazakhstan, which was about 115 kilometers away. We decided to cycle there in one day because there was only two days in our Russian visas and we heard that one who doesn’t follow these schedules will be punished. Wind was again […]

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Chelyabinsk – Omsk

We spent two weeks in Chelyabinsk. At first we stayed with our new friend Vladimir. Vladimir and his great friends had a lot to show for us, so we didn’t had much time to rest. We bought a guitar from Chelyabinsk and went to the cheap hotel. One morning the waiter of the hotel asked […]

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Getting to Urals had been on our minds before even leaving to this trip. In the back of our minds it was a must thing at least get over them. Even though in these rocky mountains the amount of breakdown and milk acid were unspeakable we made it to flatland. Lets go back to time […]

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Volga Bashkortostan

In Lyskovo, we joined to M7 road. There was more trucks than cars on the road. Near Cheboksary, we were lucky. Truck’s tire exploded just 100 meters ahead of us. We stopped to grocery shop in little Emetkino village to buy some dinner. Little boys followed us to the field and helped us to set […]

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From cold to warm

We stayed at Antons place for two nights and we got the most luxurious treatment. His mom cooked us one of the best meals we had tasted and Jaroslavl city tour with Anton and his friend Dima gave us good knowledge of the town. When we left we decided to choose the most idyllic and […]

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Russian countryside

We were happy to leave Pikalevo after a good rest. Sun was covered by clouds, but it was still warmer than earlier. Landscapes were changing between ice covered lakes, leafless trees and burned fields. There wasn’t traffic as much as we were used to see. We only saw a few small muddy trails before Sazonovo […]

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Unbelieavable hospitality

So, we left the hostel in Saint Petersburg early in the morning towards Mga. We tried to ask about our visa registration, but the answer we got was: ”No, not now.” Ok, we carried our bicycles and gear eight floors down and we were tired before the day had even started. Getting out of Saint […]

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See you Finland

The last week at home was busy. Although we had been planned the trip for a long time, there wasn’t enough time to pack my bike before last evening and morning. Fortunately, I didn’t had to start packing completely from scratch. We said goodbye to our loved ones and started the journey. We hoped to […]

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